Compare the Nicaea&dated creed

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But human nature also dictates that there can be no single viewpoint especially when it comes to spiritual matters This study will compare and contrast two creeds that arose from the Christian tradition – especially during the formative centuries when the follower of Christianity wanted to be seen as different from Judaism and other major religions of that era

Human nature dictates that followers will follow leaders who have a clear understanding of where they are headed In the first few centuries of Christianity there was a great need to write down a creed that will bind together the disparate groups of Chris-followers

And more so , after centuries of passing on the same teaching from generation to generation Now , after three hundred years of teaching Christian doctrine movement that was started by Jesus Christ has become a very influential and significant religion in the whole known world

Then after Constantine expressed his preference of the Christian religion as opposed to other religions that existed within the mighty Roma Empire things began to change rapidly for the Jesus movement All of a sudden a great number of people get converted to the faith and more and more intellectuals , wealthy and influential people are joing the fold

This can be achieved by having an overview of the development of Christian theology and looking at the creation of the the two creeds in the proper context Background Christianity was founded by a man who was popularly known as Jesus of Nazareth

But there is more Jesus claimed to be the Son of God and even claimed to be God in the flesh

Jesus forgave sins , performed never before seen miracles , accepts the worship of people and other acts that can only be made by someone who is God in the flesh This idea is at the core of Christian tradition but perhaps this was taken for granted in the earlier years of Christianity

In fact it now be considered as the official religion of perhaps the greatest empire in the history of mankind During the same time a man named Arius suddenly came from nowhere and created one of the most

But it is clear that an unbiased reading of the Bible will reveal the same conclusion – that indeed Jesus made claims that he is no ordinary prophet , teacher or Rabbi

Paper Topic: Compare the Nicaea&dated creed Student Prof X Course 19 December 2007 The Nicaean and Dated Creed All modern day organizations or institutions could not survive , thrive and succeed without writing down what they believed in or at least what they want to accomplish

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