corporate social responsibility

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To help those who were not residents of these universities , Microsoft also granted access to information technology curriculum through distance learning and access to internet for more than 150 ,000 students

This was in response to a report that had been released which showed that Anglo households had more access to computers twice as much as African-American and Hispanic households This has been one of the factors creating differential gap in accessing the digital economy between the blacks and the white in America

This is a clear indication that the Corporation has created a wide partnership in the CSR project In the same year of 2000 , Microsoft moved another notch higher and granted 3 million in form of software to the TRIO programs that were conducted in 49 colleges and universities in the United States

Up to the year 2000 , Microsoft had used more than 173 million 19 million in cash and 154 million in software , in efforts to bridge the gap

It granted 440 , 000 to 11 universities to help in technology access by color students in these universities

This was in effort to provide access to technology to student from low income families seeking college and

It also provided 1 million in form of software to be used by the student in learning

To this package , Microsoft also pledged to continue working with other bodies which had the same aim of bridging the gap in access to digital economy Realizing the effects this gap would have on it line of business Microsoft had been committing a substantial amount of money in trying to fill the gap

All this money has been dispersed to public and private organizations , public libraries , colleges and universities and to other community and faith based organizations

Paper Topic: corporate social responsibility African-American and Hispanic Universities across the United States

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