Cultural Perspectives of Conflict Management

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That is , there will be social ramifications for egregious behavior and immaturity There are also four different types of musayara with each having its own specific goal that is defined by the title that is given to them political musayara , musayara of respect (social rules , musayara of magnanimity (social , and the musayara of conciliation (a sort of conflict management ) All of these forms of musayara weigh on the principles and practices in which people relate to one another within a particular social Of course , with any type of attempt to develop a social or societal there will be varying differences of opinions and impediments to the “smoothness ” of such an implementation

Ultimately the success of such a social varies There have been instances of intercultural tensions and communicative problems that have made the establishment of a successful form of musayara difficult at times , but it has never reached such a degree that it proved harmful to the growth of it as a viable form of social Case in point , the intermingling of Jewish people and Arabs can some times lead to cultural and social misunderstandings but this is not necessarily an impediment to the establish of two different social s provided there is a clear communicative understanding of the difference

This particular form of social interaction is rooted in the Islamic tradition br but it is not a formal , structured type of social communication Instead , it would appear to be a more communal , relaxed interrelation between people that is designed to create a more harmonious arrangement of common interactions This is not to say that the type of social interactions within musayara is without any structure whatsoever

In the treatise “Life Demands Musayara ” the authors provide a complete examination of the subject which provides for a clearer and more detailed understanding of this very complex issue In the beginning of the work , the authors define “musayara ” as a type of informal social interaction between members of the Arab culture

Paper Topic: Cultural Perspectives of Conflict Management Cultural Perspectives of Conflict Management Cultural communications between Arabs in Israel is a far more complex issue than many would assume upon a mere surface value , cursory examination

Of course , not every one prescribes to this social ideology in the same manner as there will be a proverbial generation gap present here as there would be in any type of society with the different generations each having a somewhat different opinion of what is acceptable conduct There are certain similarities between musayara and certain eastern ideologies in the sense that there is an attachment to the notion of saving face

This is clearly visible in issues of appropriateness and , to some extent , the effectiveness of implementing – if not devising – such a social construct

Within this method of interactive conduct it is understood that there are baseline levels of acceptable behavior that fall within a mannerly approach


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