Database Design

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Paper Topic: Database Design Running head : DATABASE DESIGN Database Design What is a database Navathe (2003 ) defines database as a collection of programs that enables users to create and maintain a database

It can also be defined as general purpose software for defining , creating , fetching and sharing databases among various users The flavors of the databases used for e-commerce websites follow a different pattern set for storing data and offer various storage patterns and features to enable it to be distinguished from the competitor The e-commerce websites deal with a variety of products and services and requires their data to be stored in a database so that it can be successfully fetched and modified for performing a variety of functions

The various other features are as follows The automatic workload repository feature provides monitoring capability of the oracle database Data aggregation and consolidation feature manages data from legacy systems , consolidate data sources and cleanse raw data to make it complete information MySQL MySQL is used extensively in e-commerce websites for storage of information and

The benefits can be summarized as follows Centralized information access which makes sure that it replaces dispersed servers with a single repository Lower administrative costs , rapid development and highly scalable Database vault : It facilitates greater access only with authorization for any resource of the database

The various options available by the oracle software which makes it quite suitable to an e-business Advanced security : The combination of the network encryption transparent data encryption at the column and table space level and strong authentication makes the users secure and preserves their data privacy (Oracle

Oracle as an e-commerce database Oracle stores data logically in the form of table spaces and physically in the form of s

It prevents the following Protection from inside threats Restrict access to receptive information Data mining : It enhances productivity and enhances better informed decisions , solves business problems faster and enables faster development environment Oracle

com , 2007b Content database : The oracle software enables organizations to control and manage large volumes of unstructured content such as documents spreadsheets , images in a centralized repository which gets easy to access and maintain (Oracle

It can allow providing decision makers with access to data in a faster and with lower costs (Oracle

It allows the database administrator to manage large scale information (Oracle

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