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Paper Topic: Discussion Running Head : MARK TWAIN ‘S TONE Mark Twain ‘s Tone [Name of Author] [Name of Instructor] [Affiliations] [Date] Mark Twain ‘s Tone As a humorist , part of story telling is some of the lessons in the real life

Humor is used to catch the attention of the reader and make it more susceptible for reading though it assumes that readers are completely disinterested in the story

His works mainly tackles the condition of people based on experiences and encounters in everyday life In reading Luck ‘ by Mark Twain , the story tells of an idiotic person getting along with the clashes of life because of sheer luck

Conversational tone refers to a subtle tone that captures the essence of the story and relates the story to identify the moral lesson

Tone in writing poems and story stories are similar

The story tells of moral lessons that the reader must acknowledge

Lastly , the tone in luck tells us the grievances of a stupefied person also the cheers of arrogance References Mark Twain on the Platform (1895


The details on his writing are one of the most profound aspects of his writing style and also it helps in establishing the tone and effective delivery of the context

The story is full of moral values though it was not stated in the story it is implied

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