Empowerment and Goal Setting 2

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In a health care organization where the issues that are addressed are critical , there environment should be `family like ‘ in to ensure that the customers are effectively taken care of Within any health care management organization , the management can be utilize the needs of the clients and any other factor that is possibly contributing to the strategic planning such as finance and government regulations in to set the goals (Allan , 2002 )Sometimes , the kind of health is services that are provided within the organization helps to guide in the strategic planning

Goal setting and strategic planning within a health care management organization is very crucial in to address the health care issues and challenges that come with such an organization

Paper Topic: Empowerment and Goal Setting 2 Empowerment and goal setting Goals can be set up in a formal or informal way but whatever the case the wish list outlined in strategic planning and goal setting helps in accomplishing a particular objective

This will therefore examine the importance of having proper goal setting and strategic planning with reference to a health care management organization The SMART acronym that is usually applied in the process of goal setting can be applied to any organization

Another aspect of company analysis that can be used to outline the goals is the SWOT analysis that identifies challenges , opportunities and any other things that can be used for goal setting (Locke , 1988 Strategic planning also helps to stem out any unfortunate circumstances that can affect the health care management organization in a negative manner such as risks

The strategic planning and proper goal setting will automatically enhance the management of risks with a view to understand how they can be handled (Allan , 2002

Strategic planning in more strategic manner helps to bridge the gap between the management needs and the clients ‘ needs

Teamwork is one of the issues that every organization would want to capitalize in to capture the essence of working together and improving the working conditions within the organization

First of all , the goals that are to be set should be specific in nature , measurable in content and objectivity they must also be achievable , realistic and must be timely in the way they are structured (Locke , 1988 Once somebody has set up a working environment within the company he or she is working on , it is important that the dreams we have are integrated into the company ‘s dreams

In a general approach , any plan that is strategically set up in line with the vision , mission and future

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