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Explain how proposed legislation passes through the committee process and becomes a bill First , a bill has to be originated in either the house or the senate Once it is authored by a Congressman or Senator it will pass through the committee where it belongs

List ten differences between the House of Representatives and the Senate The house of representatives is a regional representative body which is elected per state based on the number of people per state

Evaluate several different successes or failures of the executive branch attempting to influence the legislative process The executive branch can designate certain bills are `priority legislation ‘ to be passed as soon as possible

Recently , President Bush has been having trouble passing his priority legislation in the face of a hostile Democrat congress 4

The Congress can be influenced to pass a bill however , if the Congressional majority is of a different party they may chose to ignore the president ‘s instructions in favor of their own agenda

One both houses pass a bill it will go to the President to signing 3

In the event that the Executive and Congress are at odds with each other the President may even veto laws which he feels are not in the best interests of the Union

This method is highly fractious , President Johnson vetoed many bills from a hostile Congress only to watch the bills get passed over his veto , overwhelming majority and eventually got impeached

In what ways has it been restricted The War Powers Act allows the President to use military forces for 60 days , without a formal declaration of war by Congress

If the versions of the House and Senate can not be reconciled , a bicameral conference will be called to settle the differences

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