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Paper Topic: Ethics A COURSEWORK ON ETHICS The Philosophy and Morality of Ethics Author ‘s Name Ethics 2007 Abstract There are variations in the discussion of Ethics as there are several principles which are aimed at solving the various levels of Ethical problems

To achieve a clearer presentation of the Ethical principles , there will be discussion , explanation and application of the principles as they relate to the two Ethical problems The Philosophy of Ethics Any various theories as that of Thomas Hobbes Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau , an organized society is brought into being and invested with the right to secure mutual protection and welfare or to regulate the relations among its member

It ‘s critiques which will make people rethink the nature of both ourselves and our relations with one another Feminist Critique of Traditional Ethical Theories Alison Jaggar (1992 ) best summarized the feminist position in ethical speculation asserting that traditional Western ethics failed women in five inter-related ways

The theory is the fundamental basis for the development of government and law , especially its democratic theory and application Its main principle lies on the idea that the moral and political obligations are dependent on an agreement or covenant between people to form a society and where they surrender some of their natural freedoms for the good of an ed and safe society

Second , traditional Western ethics dismissed as ethically uninteresting the problems arising in the private world ‘ the realm in which women cook , clean , and care for the young , the aged , and the sick

This will discuss various Ethical principles and their relation and application to at least two common Ethical problems – lying and the breaking of confidentiality

First , this body of ethical speculation has demonstrated little concern for women ‘s as opposed to men ‘s interests and rights

Third , this body of thought implies that , on the average , women are not as ethically developed as men

Fourth , traditional Western ethics prizes culturally masculine traits like independence and autonomy , mind and rationality , culture and

Despite this , it sets foundation concepts that became the underpinnings of democratic government and influenced the implementation of democratic government in many countries

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