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Justice is difficult thing to implicate and if the ones who are partially responsible are also put to account then disparity and ill-will will just rise , so to make up to the stakeholders it is proper to at least make the ones who have the direct effect be the one to compensate for its mistakes The negative implication is that the ones who are directly held responsible will get the entire burden while the ones who are partially at fault will get off the hook

In response to the lives lost and in earnest respect to them , it is morally right to give them their due by making sure that the incident will never happen again by taking in precautionary measures that will make them more aware of things that gives harm The positive implications is that there will be less of those unfortunate outcomes in the future and that the stakeholders can rest easier knowing that the one held responsible is paying its due

In regards with the ones who are affected , which decision would bring them most respect Conclusions and Recommendations In the case of Amtrack ‘s Sunset Limited where was held responsible for the wreckage , it should be given that the ones who have than most or the ones that are directly should be held responsible because they where the individuals who did the most damage after all

Did they correct the error that brought about the unfortunate event The ethical issue we have to deal with is whether the decision brought more good and at the same time gave least harm to the people


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Paper Topic: Ethics Because of this posing question , the administrators considered the incident as accident In its Economic approach , after all the casualties that had happened what are the consequences faced by those involved


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