Ethics and the Legal Environment

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We shall evaluate the major contributions of the four philosophers known to discern ethics and the manner by which they conceptualized the meaning and essence of ethics John Locke John Locke is one of the major contributors to the concepts of ethics He had his philosophical education at Oxford , and also studied and practiced medicine privately

Paper Topic: Ethics and the Legal Environment Definition of Ethics and the Foundations of Moral The Philosophers of Ethics and their Contribution to the Decision- Making Process in Business (Student ‘s Name (Student ‘s ID (Professor (Course (Date Submitted In philosophy , one of the major issues of concern is ethics

He had many published works attributed to scientific and political matters , but only one published work led to his significant contribution in philosophy

Later in his life , he then geared his analysis into the aesthetics values in life and the concept of purpose with his work Critique of Judgement in 1790

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His life was described as a habitual living his intelligence has significantly contributed to major philosophies in history

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htm2007 December 17Britannica Internet Guide SelectionBritannicaEnglish18 October 2006 (Kemerling , 2006 )Immanuel Kant Born in east Prussian city of Konigsberg , Kant studied in the same place he was born , and worked throughout his life as a tutor and professor for more than forty years

Another of his significant contributions is the work entitled Critique of Pure Reason in 1781 and 1787 wherein he examined the different areas of intelligence : mathematical , scientific and metaphysical knowledge

Ethics define the concept in which people subject their actions

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