Is essay writing difficult?

The difficulty of your essay will depend on your assignment, but writing essays is generally always going to be at least somewhat difficult. For one, it’s a very time and effort consuming process, and many people struggle with it because of the unique skill set required to tackle it correctly. To write an effective paper you have to research to get supporting evidence, outline, complete the actual writing and rewriting process wherein you put your ideas into an organized and fluent format, and finally editing where you refine and perfect your essay. Each of these things requires you to bring a different skill set to do properly, and you have to do a good job in each if you want a high quality final product.

When will I have to write essays? What types of essays will I have to write?

Essays are most commonly encountered in school, but there are many situations, as well as professions and careers where essay writing is required. There are admissions essays, cover letters for job applications, and the various kinds of papers you can encounter in professional life, like technical essays or reports.

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