Fear of Diversity

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Paper Topic: Fear of Diversity First Name Last Name Instructor ‘s Name Course Number DATE \ “d MMMM yyyy ” 18 December 2007 Fear of Diversity in America As It Pertains to Illegal Immigration In the history of the United States of America , there have always been ideas , actions , and thoughts perceived to be a threat to the American people and the American way of life

Right now , there is a split going three ways through the aisles of Congress , as to what the most palatable solution is to illegal immigration or if illegal immigration is an issue that really deserves to be placed at the forefront of the nation ‘s legislative agenda It should also be noted that the congressional debate surrounding the issue of illegal immigration is as predictable as the winds of political change might be , which is to say non-predictable

Whether a bill is presented to research the uses of wood , or articles of impeachment are presented to the Speaker of the House for the investigation of a President , each and every issue has an effect on the course of American history

So is the beginning of the same train of thought in the modern , 21st century America towards the concept of immigration Congress , including the House of Representatives and the United States Senate , is a body of 535 men and women , representing districts across the United States

Even Hitler made accusatory comments and performed the most heinous acts ever to be recorded in the annals of world history toward the European Jews , all in the name of personal perceived beliefs Between these two examples , one common thread holds true to both of these men their fear of cultural diversity within their respective nations and responding in kind by either attempting or actually making such forms of diversity illegal and even punishable by death

Issues raised on the floors of each respective chamber are dynamic in shaping the way Americans operate and live in the present as well as the future

Even when one reviews the debate surrounding immigration , it becomes apparent that it is an issue that will have a severe impact on America ‘s citizens , economy , public policy , and legislative agendas , for years to come

However , with no supporting facts to ever to support his notion , or more specifically his perception , he wound up dead , on a hotel carpet , more than 10 years later because he drank himself to death due to his embarrassment of ever making such claims

This too is also the case for the debate surrounding illegal immigration

National Public Radio (NPR ) has a track record for extensive coverage of the illegal

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