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They were afraid that national banking system would only serve as threat to their economic interest for the reason that corruption and over expenditure on the Northern states might be the next scenario as the federal government wished to achieve the said internal improvement ‘ The Southern States feared that Lincoln ‘s support on the three goals of American System ‘ would heighten the federal government ‘s control on the economy of the Southern region On

To resolve this issue , Lincoln unconditionally advocated the high tariffs method and ed to spend more of the imported taxes in the northern frontier since the southern frontier had a very good economic performance Lincoln ‘s call for national unification was said to be the major cause of the Southern secession

This book was primarily geared in the analysis of Lincoln ‘s position and resolutions concerning the three most prevalent conflicts during his time : economic crisis , slavery , and war crimes and civil liberties As how DiLorenzo put it , Lincoln had been so much in tuned of Henry Carey ‘s principles of the American System ‘ and its three foremost doctrines , namely : protectionism , internal improvements ‘ such as railway development , government-subsidized canal , and other concerned interventionist strategies , and national banking policies

Though Lincoln ‘s interest was for the betterment of the State , the programs and projects that were planned and actualized during his term made the Southern frontier resist the economic policies of the federal government

Di Lorenzo had successfully elaborated that these three tenets were Lincoln ‘s economic priorities even before he ascended to power The Northern and New England states , which were the central region for manufacturing , had been concentrated on lobbying the mounting and appalling effects of their economic competition against the European particularly the British , products

The call for the implementation of national banking policy had urged the Southern states to go against the federal government ‘s unproductive policies

He was said to be the American president who preserved the Union ‘ at the same time freed the slaves ‘ This about Lincoln had been held by many historians and scholars as they attempted to examine the association that ties Lincoln and the occurrence of the Civil War

DiLorenzo suggested that throughout the Lincoln ‘s effort to bring about national unification numerous politically disreputable and inexpensively inefficient experiments with internal improvement projects ‘ had been committed by the government

Paper Topic: history [Name] [Instructor] [Course] [Date] The Real Lincoln by Thomas DiLorenzo Abraham Lincoln ‘s role during the Civil War and the fight against slavery during the 19th century had given him the status of a political god throughout the American history

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