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Basically a melting pot if differing cultures , Los Angels is the perfect environment by which any character can feel racial superiority or inferiority Graham Waters ‘ and John Ryan ‘s smaller environment – that of the one set up in a police station – is also highly-effective in influencing the characters ‘ personal biases

As such , the following paragraphs will analyze both characters Los Angeles , California , the place by which the Crash characters move in , plays a great part in Graham Waters ‘ and John Ryan ‘s judgment beliefs , and actions

Often described as a movie about how lives of different people intertwine through a twist of fate , Crash is largely about racial tensions – perhaps not only in its location of Los Angeles , California but in the whole of America The movie features a whole slew of characters who has different racial backgrounds and who act in accordance to the pressures they in relation to their cultural backgrounds

His being a police officer magnified the way he performed his racist acts nonchalantly A closer look at the lives of both characters under scrutiny reveals how much their personal history has affected the way they make judgments Although of African-American descent , Graham Waters found it in himself to actually try and be forgiving to people of Caucasian heritage

It sets up room for Graham Waters and John Ryan to `practice ‘ their racial tendencies

Teeming with people from different races , Los Angeles allows for interaction among people of varying cultures

Although most of the characters are interesting , I found Detective Graham Waters (Don Cheadle ) and Officer John Ryan (Matt Dillon ) as the most noteworthy ones

John Ryan , on the other hand , was put in a position where he thinks it is okay for him to physically abuse a half-African woman and actually get away with it

The work place that this particular character was given is the best setting to allow him the `luxury ‘ of suspending judgment and possibly eliminating preferences over his fellow black people

Even with the white cop killing three black men already , Graham Waters still finds it in himself to deliberate on whether the killings are justified or not

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