Human Physiology

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The pathological lesions found in the lungs of COPD patients have been described in some detail , and they can be broadly classified into those that principally affect lung elastic recoil (emphysema ) and others that primarily affect the flow-restrictive properties of the bronchi and bronchioles (airways disease

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These various functional abnormalities largely reflect the passive mechanical properties of the lung , namely the elastic behavior of lung parenchyma and airways , and the flow restrictive characteristics of the bronchial tree

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Expiratory flow obstruction is deemed to be so important that the presence and severity of COPD is commonly defined in terms of the forced expiratory pressure in 1 second (FEV1 ) and of the ratio of the FEV 1 to the forced vital capacity (FVC

Ideally , an expert pathologist would be able to estimate accurately the degree of airflow obstruction from a comprehensive quantitative assessment of the diseased lung

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