If there were no life after death, would life still be meaningful?

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Unfortunately , the reason as to why we exist on this planet is a question which has remained unanswered even by the greatest intellectuals of our time One concept which has become a puzzle to man ‘s intelligence is whether if it could be said with certainty that there is Life after death This is also a question which has remained unanswered up to this day This question has remained unanswered simply because from a logical standpoint there has been no one who could claim with accuracy that there is such a thing as life after death

The Concept of Life After Death Life after Death is a concept which bs on the belief that every living entity has a soul which lives on after the mortal body perishes

Man has a lot of concepts about the afterlife , even finding paranormal and religious basis that such a thing exists , But then again it is also argued by some intellectuals that such a thing does not exist

All of these questions are yet to be awarded with an answer based on cold hard logic , but it could be answered by a person ‘s belief and faith in the existence of a higher being , and the existence of an afterlife II

LIFE AFTER DEATH : AN ARGUMENT INTRODUCTION It is a given fact that everything on the earth , in the earth , and around the earth has a definitive meaning , function , and purpose

All organisms , great and small came to be in existence to maintain balance among all beings , everything in existence – from the vastest galaxy down to the tiniest molecule and atom exists with an inherent function and meaning

Paper Topic: If there were no life after death, would life still be meaningful

A Human being is yet to return from the dead to claim or confirm the truth as to the existence of the afterlife

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And why was he , instead of all the creatures of the earth , been given a will

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