Internaional Business environment

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S its monetary system its membership on international economic organization and the likely effects on our hotel business in addition to its Socio-Cultural orientation and the differences that exist between Pakistan and USA culturally Currently , according to AtKearney ( HYPERLINK “http /www

S is still the country to watch in terms of foreign direct economy ( HYPERLINK “http /www

S owned firms with a margin of over 14 in value addition ( HYPERLINK “http /www

org ) although there might be other factors like the size of the firms at play , most of the firms that invest in the U

Paper Topic: Internaional Business environment Name University Course Tutor Date Opening a Hotel in USA Gullivan group is a multination company based in Karachi , Pakistan

S in international trade its political economy and the potential risks of investing these

com ) the United States is placed the second in the world , of the most favorable country for foreign direct investment

It will conduct : a SWOT , analysis of the competitiveness of the hotel industry in U

Most of the FDI is in the manufacturing industry with the service industries accounting only 10 of the FDI in the U

S ( HYPERLINK “http /www

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