Internet Copyright laws or a current issue related to technology

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Copyright , according to Rosenoer (1997 ) is important since it provides an author with a tool to protect a work from being taken , used , and exploited by others without permission (Rosenoer 1997 :1 ) This law grants exclusive rights to the owner of the copyrighted work which makes it unlawful for others to reproduce , distribute or sell , perform or display in public the copyrighted material The internet

Paper Topic: Internet Copyright laws or a current issue related to technology The Challenge of Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in the Internet Age There is very little doubt that the emergence of the internet has made public access to information and communication easier

One of the gravest challenges that the increased popularity and usage of the internet presents is the problem of protecting intellectual property through the enforcement of an internet copyright law that benefits not only the authors , publishers , and users of the World Wide Web but society as a whole Indeed , the internet holds a lot of potential for transforming the way people live

For these people , the internet has been a useful tool in research and in accessing information from global sources which complements existing forms of media and publication On the other hand , the internet has also its drawbacks , among the most obvious of which is the difficulty in protecting the intellectual property rights of individuals who are involved in the creation of content in the internet

Thus the dissemination of information has grown harder to control which makes it easier for users to intentionally and unintentionally infringe copyright laws (Skvarka , 1996 The necessity of implementing a system of protecting intellectual property rights in the age of digital media has therefore become a generally accepted idea among scholars

Ironically , this problem stems from the very same ease and speed which has captivated and enthralled internet-users worldwide at the same time , it has become easier to download , copy , and share documents and other forms of media format such as music and videos owing to the rapid advancements in internet-based applications

The internet itself continues to be transformed with every click of the user ‘s mouse and from the creativity and innovation of millions of users and developers around the world

Thus , every imaginable human interest and activity can now be found online (Doucette , 2005 Those who benefit most from the birth of the internet and its growth are individuals , organizations , and institutions whose lives are directly connected to the production and consumption of data and information such as students , artists , scholars , scientists , software designers and engineers , and a host of other information-technology professionals

The internet or the electronic network of networks that links people and information through computers and other digital devices (DiMaggio , Hargittai , Neuman Robinson , 2001 : 307 ) has ushered in the information revolution

The ease and speed with which data can be retreived from the internet has therefore greatly changed the way information is produced and disseminated for public consumption

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