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Sample essay paragraphs

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I am hard working in my studies but I also have time for sports In fact , I was a varsity soccer player in the high school I came from Many thanks for your kind consideration

Therefore , I would really like the opportunity to study at this college My academic qualifications can speak for themselves

Although it was not easy at first I learned to speak good English As fate would have it , my family moved to the U

As a result I am fluent in Chinese as well as Korean Business considerations made my family migrate to New Zealand

Back home those who do not pursue further studies college , are a disgrace and are looked down upon as lazy or immature Also , a college degree opens up many doors and as an immigrant I feel I need every advantage I can get

As a native of South Korea I spent my early formative years there and I speak fluent Korean

However , when I was in middle school my family moved to China and I was compelled to study there

I am applying to this school for admission into college

There are some people I know who get by just fine even without going to college

Since our move here I have completed the equivalent of K-12 and I feel it is time to move on

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