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Paper Topic: lunch and learn presntation Running Head : Introduction to Concepts of International Strategy and Organizational Design Name University Course Tutor Date Introduction A strategy refers to a course of action , taken by the management of a firm in to achieve one or more of the firm ‘s objectives International Strategy refers to when a domestic firm carries out its core strengths in an international market , and the players in the international market usually , do not have these strengths Organizational design will have to be flexible if a firm undertakes an international strategy

Organizational design will lead to more efficiency and effectiveness of a firm Importance of international strategy to the business community International strategy is relevant to business people for it will enable the domestic firm increase its sales because international strategy will open up more markets

International strategy helps in the career development of employees especially manager development producing well rounded employees Many business people will have to decide whether , to manufacture products , or export the products to the international markets or they will outsource the production of the company ‘s products to the companies in the international markets

The global strategy planning process follows the following steps – Coming up with the vision , mission and objectives of the firm-vision is where the firm wants to be in 5-10 years time

Outsourcing of the production is much cheaper than exporting Business people before adopting an international strategy will have to know the legislations in international markets , relating to outsourcing before taking an outsourcing strategy

Most companies , which pursue an international strategy , use a divisional zed organizational structure , to enable the management to pin point the divisions which are not performing well and corrective measures can be taken

The Firm will also have to familiarize itself with the legislations concerning the business operations in the host foreign country The global strategic planning process By definition strategic planning is when a firm comes up with short term ,and long term objectives plus the means of achieving these objectives

A well designed organizational design will improve profitability , creativity and communication in the organization

A well planned organizational design will improve the chances of the organization achieving its objectives

The vision and mission will help the firm to come up with objectives

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