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Motorola designs manufactures , sells and services digital video system solutions and interactive set-top devices voice and data modems for digital subscriber line and cable networks and , broadband access system (including cellular infrastructure systems ) for cable and satellite television operators , wireline carriers and wireless service providers With these solutions , Motorola empowers consumers by connecting their homes – easily keeping contacts , content and services within reach (The Motorola , Inc

9 billion in 2006 (2006 Annual Report of Motorola , Inc Motorola has three primary business units : namely , the Enterprise Mobility Solutions , the Home Networks Mobility and the Mobile Devices (The Motorola , Inc

This service of the Motorola business unit has capitalized on the growing trend of subscribers ‘ preference by providing integrated , end-to-end systems that reliably enable uninterrupted access to digital entertainment , information and communications services over a variety of wired and wireless solutions

As a pioneer in wireless communications , Motorola has transformed the cell phone into an icon of personal technology – an integral part of daily communications , data management and mobile entertainment

company website The Home Networks Mobility unit delivers to subscribers their required bandwidth-intensive , experience-based services regardless of the network architecture

This group designs manufactures , sells , installs and services analog and digital two-way radio as well as voice and data communications products and systems This group delivers mobile computing , advanced data capture , wireless infrastructure and RFID solutions not only to clients in the public sector , but also to retail , manufacturing , wholesale distribution healthcare , travel and transportation customers worldwide

company website The Enterprise Mobility Solutions group includes the mission-critical communications offered by the U

Inspired by their vision of Seamless Mobility , the people of Motorola are committed to helping you get and stay connected simply and seamlessly to the people , information , and entertainment that you want and need

Through innovative technology , this group helps people integrate , optimize and manage their networks to constantly stay connected as they move about their daily lives (The Motorola , Inc

Paper Topic: Motorola MOTOROLA , INC Project I : CAPITAL BUDGETING PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN BY MOTOROLA Ranking 152nd in the 2007 Forbes 2000 List (Special Report : The Global 2000

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