Multiple Intelligence(Howard Gardner )

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According to Gardner , there are seven kinds of intelligences : linguistic intelligence (self-expression through words , logical-mathematical (ability on reasoning and numbers , visual-spatial intelligence (ability on recognition and transformation of spaces , body-kinesthetic intelligence (self-expression using one ‘s body , musical intelligence (involves skill on perception , creation and performance of musical patterns interpersonal intelligence (capacity to recognize and comprehend other people ‘s feelings , motivations , intentions and desires , and intrapersonal intelligence (ability to understand oneself

As Henry Ford would say it , If you think you can , or think you can ‘t you ‘re right Aside from thinking that these students might have behavioral issues or learning disabilities , should the same thought be directed to the education system which overlooks the individuality of students in terms of their learning

In fact , there are students who quit school because they feel that school is not supporting their learning abilities

However , if a particular high school adapts a certain curriculum , it does not guarantee that every student will successfully learn because of the program The failure of some students may be actually a good thing

Thus , every student has its own strengths and weaknesses in relation with such intelligences Consequently , if Gardner ‘s concept of multiple intelligences could be applied , the recognition of individual learning abilities would be fostered

Not all of the students leave school because of domestic problems , alcoholism , drug addiction or any other reason

Paper Topic: Multiple Intelligence(Howard Gardner ) Multiple Intelligences An Essay Most of the greatest intellectual figures of our time were not really achievers in their classes

Albert Einstein was told to quit school because he was often caught daydreaming

Thomas Edison was always punished at school because he was asking too much questions

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