Written Thesis

The first aspect of completing a written thesis for your Master’s degree is to choose a topic. This should be something that has sparked your interest in your undergraduate courses, the courses you are currently taking and experiences you have had in your work. Even though we can help you choose a topic, it really should be something in which you have an interest. The problem that most students run into when they try to write a well written thesis is that they fail to narrow down the topic to one that is manageable for research and analysis purposes. You should pose one research question that you proceed to answer in the rest of the written thesis paper.

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If you only want to contact us to get advice for your written thesis that is quite all right. We have the staff that will answer any questions for you. For example, if you are having difficulty formulating a research question to use for your written thesis paper, the writer will discuss the topic with you and your interest in it. Throughout this discussion you will come up with the main reason you want to further explore and therefore be able to have the perfect research question for your thesis proposal.

We Do Your Research for a Written Thesis

In the proposal writing stage of a written thesis, you do have to show that you are fully aware of the research that already exists on the topic. All written thesis papers must include a review of the literature, which is an annotated bibliography of the books, magazines and scholarly publications that you have read on the topic. We can prepare this for you. You can send us the list of literature if you want, but our essay writers are very skilled researchers and are well able to come up with the proper resources for you.

A written thesis must have an explanation of the manner in which the research will be carried out. You have to base this on research models and be prepared to defend your choice of model for your thesis. Then comes the actual research and analysis, which is very thorough in order to arrive at a valid conclusion. Why bury yourself in books and writing, when we are there to do it for you in an expert fashion?