Portfolio of Revisions: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury Rhetorical Analysis

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Montag is able to clear his brain from all of the images that society throws at him and use his own powers of self-reflection to really contemplate life as he knows it When he finally does meet Granger (the leader of the book people , Granger advises him that the first thing to do is to take a long , hard look in the mirror This statement is both literal and metaphoric For any one of us , the way to truly change our lives is to start with ourselves We must start with identifying our problems and begin fixing the things that we can control Ultimately , Montag and the other book people cannot change society But they can change themselves They can learn the books , so that when the time comes for society to rebuild itself , they will have something to offer They will also understand the significance of what they are offering and what the world looks like without books The knowledge that people like the Government and Captain Beatty want to hide is not only found in books but also in nature and in people

but everyone made equal It is all very well him talking about freedom and equality , but Montag knew that they weren ‘t really free at all and that there is a difference between equality and a society in which people stare massive moving colored walls saying That was swell , just swell Montag is able to see through all the false logic of Beatty and keeps himself from getting all twisted up in the wisdom of Beatty s words Clarisse , the old woman , and Faber are rare but Montag is buoyed by the fact that they exist in his world at all The transformation Montag goes through is summed up in one phrase of the book The phrase thinking little at all about nothing in particular is also a riddle and can be read in two ways The first being the one we would immediately see and the one that fits most easily in the context – he is not thinking (thinking little at all , about anything (nothing in particular

Seeing technology as a potential threat to the well-being of mankind , Bradbury uses Fahrenheit 451 to state his distrust for it in the novel , which explains why the devices are depicted as chilling , impersonal gadgets of mechanized anti-culture (Mogen 141 Technology can be a factor that can go too far in its control of people People should always ask who is controlling the technology Another example of this impersonality and sterile coldness is the machine and machinists that pump Millie s stomach This is so common in Montag s society that simple technicians run the machines , not doctors These men could care less about her or anyone else they are simply doing their jobs Time is a big issue within this novel being that the people don t seem to have time for anything but their families in their numerous parlor walls

People are unwilling to wait for anything or to think about anything deeply They must always be doing something because idle time might mean contemplation And of course , contemplation may lead to unhappiness Anything that left the mind thinking and wandering away was simply annihilated because people had no time

The world became overpopulated cars became smaller until there was only one car available in different colors Choices caused unhappiness because people had to prioritize If there are choices people can only have one thing Also supposedly people did not have enough time Classics cut to fifteen-minute radio shows , then cut again to fill a two-minute book column (Bradbury Operas and shows with underlying meaning were replaced with dancers and clowns Philosophy , history , languages and literature , the bringers of all evil , were completely abolished

Millie is a prime example of someone whose sole existence is to conform She never questions whether she is happy but instead is content to watch the parlor walls , smoke cigarettes , and use pills to compensate for the emptiness in her life All of her friends function exactly the same way They are unhappy but they mask these emotions with pills and other diversions Montag , however , learns knowledge and love and most of all seeks the truth lying beyond In Montag ‘s world anti-intellectualism is sought In the world that Montag lives in the government decided that books were bringing unhappiness into the world as they made people think deeply and debate

These things can be found practically anywhere if they are sought However , Faber tells the reader the third quality is the leisure time to digest the information What he means by this is leisure time for thinking , not leisure time in which people are bombarded with information from all their media sources Watching television does not allow people the time to really think about anything

He also is able to be realistic with Montag replacing some of the young idealistic fire with real knowledge He tells Montag that the things he is seeking in life can be found in other places , but that in their society , they are non-existent He also gives Montag the chronology of how things happened and how people changed and why People like these three have been largely abolished or banished from society they were freaks , daring to go on believing what they thought was right daring to be different

There was no use in teasing the conscience with new ideas Let everything be simple , and the people would become so stupid that they would believe anything thrown at them through the walls or told to them by the family The firemen play a major role in control One way they maintain control is through the invention of the Mechanical Hound It doesn t think anything we don ‘t want it to think The Mechanical Hound is an electronic dog trained to kill it can store thousands of people in its memory by using the chemical complexes in their skin

Everyone is hurrying all the time , but for what As Bradbury says , people travel in their cars up and down roads going somewhere somewhere , somewhere , nowhere (Bradbury Well , they have the time but they want instant gratification , much like our world Mildred , Montag s wife , goes so far as to say If we had a fourth wall why it d be just like this room wasn t ours at all (Bradbury ) and she seems so excited at the prospect of it too

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