Problem Solving

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By using the first stage of problem solving , I asked myself these things : Which course will I benefit from Will my parents support me if I choose Journalism , or Creative Writing What do I have in store if I choose Journalism , or Creative Writing The next stages consist of analyzing the problem and its causes

Paper Topic: Problem Solving Running Head : PROBLEM SOLVING Stages in Problem Solving Student University Professor Subject Stages in Problem Solving Everyday we encounter perplexing and even simple problems which call for immediate solutions

For the problem given , I found out that the causes of the problem are my interest for both Journalism and Creative Writing and that they are offered as separate courses in the university so I really have to choose between then The fourth stage is searching for creative alternatives

For the given problem , I consulted with my high school guidance councillor who advised me that choosing the course will depend on what I really wanted I have also asked my friends who were either taking Journalism or Creative Writing in college The fifth stage is choosing an alternative

It is very important for us to understand how vital problem solving is in prevailing over personal , psychological everyday problems There are several stages in a problem solving strategies

I believe in Stevens (2005 ) when he stated that solving problems should be an important part of human br thinking because the skills we gather from problem solving facilitates improvement in your ability to handle our life

We have to ask ourselves : What are the possible alternative solutions for solving the problem

Sometimes it is easier to brood and worry about looking for the instant solution than to think of how we are going to solve the problem

Should I take Journalism or Creative Writing

We should gather the best information about these solutions through usage of observation , brainstorming and consultation with people who have encountered the same problem

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