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What kind of relationship each diagram present Present the scatter diagrams in the appendix but comment on these separate relationships in your report (10 Marks annual salary against years of experience The linear expression of annual salary against years of experience represents a relationship between the salary an individual technician is receiving and the numbers of experience he has

Person with lesser numbers of years in experience is getting less salary as compared to the person with more experience annual salary against years of post secondary school education , and Technicians who have post secondary school education are fetching better salaries compared to their colleagues annual salary against gender On the basis of scatter diagram it can be inferred that Male technicians are earning better than that of their female counterparts

236 Plot a separate scatter diagrams of (i ) annual salary against years of experience (ii ) annual salary against years of post secondary school education , and (iii ) annual salary against gender

Present the scatter diagram and computer print in the appendix (15 marks Answer The estimated linear equation for this question is Let regression line is represented by y ox some random noise Therefore , Regression line is represented by Y 748

5 years of experience Assuming that annual salary Y and years of experience X1 , are linked by a linear relationship , using an appropriate computer package Excel estimate by Ordinary Least Square (OLS ) method the simple linear regression

Paper Topic: quantitative economics Quantitative economics Word count including questions : 2600 Excluding questions : 2000 Excluding tables : 1880 Calculate the mean , median , mode , variance and standard deviation of annual salary of these technicians

Draw the estimated regression line on your scatter graph

The average annual salary of technicians is 56935

You can present summary statistics using excel , but you are also required to calculate these and show your work in the appendix (10 Marks Mean Mean is the average of given observations

This is calculated with the help of following Mean Sum of salaries of 14 technicians / 14 797100 /14 56935

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