reaction of the artilce aids and stigma

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Harek The current literature as of 1999 is reviewed regarding the stigma that attaches to people with AIDS (PWA ‘s and people with HIV (PWHIVs Stigma ‘ refers to discrimination and prejudice directed at PWAs and PWHIVs as well as those people associated with them or caregivers for them

Many people believe PWAs and PWHIVs got the disease by their own actions and behavior Others fear contracting the disease from any contact with PWAs and PWHIVs

Finally is the stigma associated with diseases or conditions affecting the victims ‘ outward appearance and capability The stigma of AIDS has an impact on a personal level and with society and public policy

There is an association ‘ effect as well when there is a similar prejudice , discrimination or fear of people who take care of or are related to PWAs and PWHIVs

For example , many people with AIDS or HIV do not get tested for fear of the stigma to the disease

Unfortunately AIDS has spread to the point where more and more people know of someone afflicted with the disease or know someone who has been directly affected by the disease

This stigma has resulted in firings , evictions , and other forms of prejudice to people with AIDS and HIV

The existence of stigma has had a bad effect on the response to the AIDS crisis and could have a continuing affect on the various policies designed to assist PWAs and PWHIVs

Paper Topic: reaction of the artilce aids and stigma Name Instructor Course December 14 , 2007 Review of AIDS and Stigma ‘ by Gregory M

With this increase comes the awareness of the stigma associated with PWAs and PWHIV , and the likelihood that someone we know has suffered from discrimination or prejudice

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