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The role of the MIS is to assess the manager ‘s information needs , develop the needed information , and distribute that information in a timely fashion , the information is developed through internal company records , marketing intelligence activities , marketing research , and marketing decision support analysis (Kotler , 2000 An effective MIS will also help in enhancing the exposure level of the company from local market to national market

It is important for the company to establish a system in to acquire a large amount of information for the marketing managers Competitive companies study their managers ‘ information needs and design marketing information systems (MIS ) to meets these needs

A marketing information system (MIS ) consists of people , equipment , and procedures to gather , sort , analyze , evaluate , and distribute needed timely , and accurate information to marketing decision markers To carry out their analysis , planning , implementation , and control responsibilities marketing managers need information about developments in the marketing environment

For a company to launch a new product it has become important to have the information from the buyer needs to buyer wants

With the increase in the exposure to masses and increased geographical market coverage , the need of quick and up to date information has also increased

Without the proper MIS the investment in the production and innovation will not be of any use The MIS represent a cross between what managers think they need , what managers really need , and what is economically feasible (Kotler 2000 The MIS will provide

With the changing business needs the new marketing techniques such as product differentiation branding and advertising are also gaining immense importance The successful product positioning and promotion is only possible if all the required information in this lieu is gathered and used in the right direction

The information regarding the buyer preferences and behavior plays an important part in helping the management to take important decisions regarding the product such as pricing , promotion , competition etc

The MIS will help the company in understanding the customer ‘s perception , taste , needs and desires regarding the new product

Introduction The changing market environment has given rise to the needs of update information more than ever in the past

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