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Providing our customers with first class information Thesis : One of our goals is to have an excellent customer and good customer -staff relationship A

Paper Topic: sentence outline Sentence outline : our agency goals and objectives Thesis : The type of services to be rendered by our agency practicing as a private agency A

Proficiency of our staff will not be compromised Thesis : After two years of establishment , we would have created jobs for about 100 staff and we would have excellent customer care service A

We will employ staff within the age of productivity (20-29 ) for friendly interaction with our client 2

Prompt response to every client ‘s request Thesis : the quality of our staff would be world class A

The age range and qualifications of staff to be employed 1

To employ an adequate number of staff to efficiently work with our clients 2

Our targeted customers to cut across all classes and ages 1

Creating advisory services on all matters to our client B

Private and public sectors in search of advice on good product and services p B

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