Simone Martini

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Simone Martini made significant historical traditions on culture , society and art Simone Martini Simone Martini (1285-1344 ) is noted for being one of Siena ‘s most recognized , influential artists beginning everlasting art traditions influencing culture

Today , Maritini ‘s style continues to influence artists , specially artists specializing in religious themes Martini ‘s style was extremely aesthetic and theatrical

Upon viewing artwork today inspired by Italy , including music and movies , that society ‘s emphases on religion is transparent through their art The talented artists influencing Italy ‘s art development are numerous Two well known men identified with Sienna ‘s significant art work is Simone Martini and Duccio

Sienna , Italy ‘s art development made history in the 12th century , continuing to influence and astound the world today

Today , Duccio ‘s and Martini ‘s competitiveness are not remembered as much of the traditions impacting the world with the art influences they left behind

Gothic art styles began in the 12th century , lasting through the 13th , 14th centuries

Paper Topic: Simone Martini Introduction Thus , if it can be said that art is the mirror of a given society and reflects on its most intimate characteristics , tastes and needs , and even its events , in no better truth can be felt and demonstrated than in Sienna , Italy (Carli , 1956

Martini inspired art progressed through several changes , never leaving its theatrical religious roots

This art era movement was called Florentine It is still considered theatrical , but without the glamour and glitter Martini was not around to see this change to his art movement

Italy ‘s 12th century art serves the same purpose as a looking glass allowing a peak into the emphases and importance Italians placed on religion

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