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A group of individuals may be asked to submit their individual weights together with the number of hours they sleep in a day Correlation can then provide a specific load value whether weight and sleep length are related to each other One more type of statistical analysis process is regression Regression aims to designate a particular approach to observe the trends followed by a set of data

For example , with the same variables mentioned in correlation , a regression analysis can create a linear mathematical model which will emphasize how weight influences the length of sleep and vice versa

This enhances the natural property of data values to signify a particular concept of information Correlation is the actual computation study of number values in which a researcher would want to search for a patterned relationship (Trochim , 2006

One of the most significant factors in research analysis is the use of correlation

Because of such principles that permit data analysis , many types of studies can be supported to provide reliable information with the use of mathematical formulation

Paper Topic: Statistics Correlation and Regression The field of statistics can be considered as the most useful aspect of a research process

One of the variables may be signified as the dependent variable while the other is the independent variable References Trochim , W

The two variables of interest are used to create a model which will create the relationship pattern of the variables

For example , in the field of health care , a physician may be able to do a correlation procedure to find out whether weight and sleep duration are related

This value signifies the weight or the degree of relationship between sets of two variables

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