Succession and Natural Selection

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But where traits and phenotypes are concerned in natural selection , organisms carrying these said traits which is to say , people , animals and plants , and so on , as opposed to phenotypes , are on the chopping block in ecological succession What these concepts ultimately relate to is that strength and ‘goodness ‘ is favored in society , in the animal kingdom and in the biosphere in general , nature dictates which aspect is to be accepted and which is to be effectively eliminated

People are well aware , day in and day out of this reality which exists in the animal kingdom , and in the prevalent and significant extent of humanity Congruently , natural selection , which is to say , the process by which traits , favorable and otherwise are filtered or ‘selected ‘ appears no br different and foreign to the rest of us , and rings the same truth and familiarity as that of the existence of the foodchain

Such filtering and selection occurs as a matter of known principle and reality which goes back to the notion ‘survival of the fittest ‘ In the grander , and to a greater degree , natural selection is manifested (and can be synonymous with ) ecological succession , a concept which relates the same ideas of succession and elimination

Natural Selection , a concept introduced by Charles Darwin , centers on the fact that ‘good ‘ or generally favorable traits are picked out biologically and intrinsically in nature , and ‘bad ‘ or less favorable ones are eliminated overtime , in the span of generations

Paper Topic: Succession and Natural Selection The reality of the biological foodchain , of ‘survival of the fittest and of nature picking out its intended successors and survivors in a particular venture and instance in the animal kingdom ceases to exact an amount of surprise from individuals and the general public today

Such is the sad truth of reality Succession and Natural Selection

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