Supreme Court and Civil Rights

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Mandatory school attendance changed the degree of the labor force , which could be seen in contributing to an increased rate of industrialization and modernization I see a direct interaction with law and the basic social institutions for example laws prohibiting racial discrimination in education have a direct influence on social change by enabling previously excluded groups to be able to attend schools of their choice

Technical changes that lead to social changes are a good example of how social change works with the introduction of the automobile laws they were introduced to make it illegal to drive drunk or under the influence or driving with your seat belt for

Paper Topic: Supreme Court and Civil Rights The role of law in social change is of more than theoretical interest In many areas of social life , such as education , race relations housing , transportation , the protection of the environment , and crime prevention the law and litigation are important for change

I believe that law plays a direct and indirect way for social change and shapes some of the institutions that are important to social change

Whether it is right or wrong is for the debates , but as an example it shows how most American ‘s view right and wrong is through legal legislation Social change is a product of a multitude of factors and the relationship they have towards each other

The old way of thinking has been changed by legislation , including the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Acts as well as social welfare programs

In my opinion the Supreme Court should be more judicially active in the area of Civil Rights protection , because of law defining the normative in social

Admittedly it is always tempting to try and single out one factor , one cause or one explanation and apply it evenly to some problems but we should be very careful not to assign blame for social problems on one factor

The law has been used as a principal factor for improving the political and social position of blacks

We use the law to dictate social attitudes too

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