Team Performance Measurement 2

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The objectives can be achieved in health care delivery or health education only if the management converts them into specific action plans spelling out the various steps or activities to be performed and the specific time within which these must be performed There are four broad steps involved in every goal setting Choosing strategies which are appropriate to the objectives Assigning responsibility for achieving the objectives Allocating resources for achieving the objectives Scheduling specific activities to achieve maximum utilization of resources Activities form the basis of every plan

Within the team individuals are assigned specific objectives for achieving and these individuals need individual or personal plans (Schein , Edgar , H Organizational Business Behavior Performance Review Regular performance review is one of the main features

Paper Topic: Team Performance Measurement 2 p TEAM PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT 2007 Team Performance enables the objectives to be turned into reality

Activity refers to the thing or series of acts which have to be done in to achieve the objective These activities have to be arranged sequentially in the most logical manner and a time frame has to be specified for the completion of each activity

Therefore two kinds of plans are needed : plans for the team and individuals plans

If objectives describe the `what , plans describe the way in which the objectives are to be achieved

The focus of the goal setting is on Performance Improvement Future corrective action Frequency of reviews Self-Appraisal It is on the basis of these five elements that the planning is going to work

It is only when this has been done that the plans get converted into goal setting There are many techniques which are extremely useful in planning Depending on the specifics of the plan one can use the appropriate technique to make them more useful

In such a system , the appraisal may be done for the purpose of assessing the individual ‘s potential and his compensations for career planning and identification of training and development needs and also includes appraisal of personality traits and not merely performance ( Peters , Thomas , J

A substantial knowledge does exist that focuses on the relationship between reward systems and the degree to which participative management is practiced Organizations typically rely on reward systems to do four things 1 ) motivate employees to perform effectively 2 ) motivate employees to join the organization 3 ) motivate employees to come to work , and 4 ) motivate individuals by indicating their position in the organization structure Give value

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