The Changes and Shifts in Policy [in the arts community/industry] after the National Endowment of the Arts Controversy

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Paper Topic: The Changes and Shifts in Policy [in the arts community/industry] after the National Endowment of the Arts Controversy University of ——— Technology Extended Campus project undertaken in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the MSc Degree in —————– ARTS AND EFFECT OF STATE FUNDING By —————– Supervisor : —————- Project unit : ————– December 2007 Plagiarism Declaration I confirm that the enclosed written work on Arts and Effect of State Funding , is entirely my own except where explicitly stated otherwise

To state the figures , the amounts of funds allocated for the state arts agencies (SAAs ) have nearly increased by four times between the periods of 1983 to 2003 , thereby reaching up to an overwhelming 425 million While , the Federal funds to the National Endowment for the Arts have taken a dip from 180 million in the year 1992 to 120 in 2003 (Cohen 2002 Undoubtedly , since NEA has maintained its position as a significant figurehead , the state and federal governments are now facing the impact of community support to the NEA

For example , the state art funding agency of Virginia starts the guide book as follows , support of development in artistic quality , public contribution in the arts , and access to the arts for all Virginians Very often various sections of arts like classical music , theatre , and visual art have been linked to privileged , and moderately standardized audiences and are from time to time being criticized for this being

My thanks will be extended also to my family including Dad , Mom and —– , my youngest brother for their kind and invaluable support during the whole project INTRODUCTION Much before the establishment and commencement of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA ) in the year 1965 , the part essayed by the government in providing adequate support to the Arts community has been a debatable one

On the other hand , during the last twenty years , the Arts community has seen a lot of support and backing from the state governments

A major argument that holds the ground n favor of the NEA is that , it is the duty of the government to assist the arts community so that there is an increased public interest in the country ‘s cultural activities The initial aim of the NEA is to make the arts more commonly obtainable to millions of Americans (Netzer , 1978

Similarly , many of the state arts funding agencies have put down an analogous section in their guide book

There are lawyers and other critic personalities who have build up their support in favor of the NEA and their arguments are based on ethical , financial and social grounds


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