The last days of Dogtown

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It is set in a dying town in Massachusetts during the 19th century (Diamant Anita 52 Dogtown was a name associated with a roaming pack of wild dogs The wild dogs roamed above the hills of a dying town in Massachusetts The author portrays dogtown as a refuge place from cruelty and tragedies in the world

Paper Topic: The last days of Dogtown Name Course University Tutor Date The last days of dogtown Introduction The last days of dogtown is a novel written by Anita Diamant

Residents in the last days of dogtown are oppressed by ignorance , poverty , illness and racial inequality

Although the rumours are of factual their volume increases when more tongues wag around the town Residents in this town have made it their business to express the most well hidden secrets of their town ‘s people

Dogtown which acts as a refuge from cruelty in the world presents a settlement space in which residents can live without being damaged or threaten

The last days of dogtown is a community set in an exotic landscape with a group of different and surprising characters

However dogtown does not fulfill its role since it is portrayed as an open prison where residents are faced by prejudice and other negative influences of the outside world (Rossi , Mark , Howard 75

The roaming pace of dogs is used to illustrate the large number of people spreading rumor around the town about their townspeople

Diamant introduces the character in dogtown in a very confusing manner , creating complex relationships among them

However , the decline of morality in dogtown presents other small tragedies which are set off by the residents

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