the state and local government of illinois

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Illinois ‘ climate is composed of cold winters and hot summers , with polar masses moving south to the state of Canada during winters and warm air masses moving up from Mexican Gulf during summers The average July temperature in Illinois ranging from 24 degrees Celsius in the northeastern Illinois to above 26 degrees Celsius in the southern part wile January averages range from less than -4 degrees Celsius in the northwestern side to above 1 degrees Celsius in the south (Illinois Encarta The two top crops grown in the state with respect to value and quantity are soybeans and corns , ranking Illinois as the 2nd primary state its production

Illinois is the 5th most populous and diverse state in the Midwest in terms of demography Chicago is in the northeastern side , tiny industrial cities in the and huge agricultural part in the western and central Illinois , and a lot of natural resources like petroleum and coal in the southern part can be found

Paper Topic: the state and local government of illinois [Your First Name Last name] [Name of Professor /Instructor] [Course Subject] [Date] The State and Local Government of Illinois Illinois : An Overview Illinois is a state in the northern central of U

Illinois is also an essential or significant transportation center having the Port of Chicago ‘ connecting the Mississippi to the Great Lakes through the Illinois River , and is also is surrounded by compact networks of highways , waterways , railroads , and air routes which most of it unite or meet on the metropolis of Chicago , the third largest city in the United States

S , a center of Midwest , which entered the Union on December 3 , 1818 making it the 21st state of the US (Illinois Encarta

Illinois is placed 4th in the country as an industrial state next after California , Texas , and Ohio , based on the Illinois ‘ industry contribution to the country ‘s income , with which most manufacturing is done in the Chicago area

Chicago is the center of intricate systems of highways waterways , airlines , railroads , and gas and oil pipelines making Chicago the major or main center of trucking activities in U

Illinois ‘ urban and industrial areas need huge amounts of electricity with which 51 is supplied or generated through steam driven power plants through the use of coal and 48 is through its 6 nuclear power plants (Illinois Encarta

Illinois ‘ economy has increased or developed , until now Illinois is the most dynamic and prolific in terms of its industrial and agricultural characteristics

Illinois is consisted of two sections or partitions , and these are Chicago and the downstate or the smaller communities managing to keep their distinctive characteristics

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