The Transcendentalist view of nature in Emerson and Thoreau.

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This essay will explore the writings of these two Transcendentalists , and it will compare and contrast them against the definition of Transcendentalism The popularity of Transcendentalism began with Emerson ‘s essay entitled Nature which explored the concept of the American scholar

The Brahman had never thought to be a brother of mankind as well as a child of God (Scott 19 So , the idea of Transcendentalism is that there is another state of consciousness that of the spiritual state which `transcends ‘ the corporeal state of being and is realized only through the awareness of the person having a transcendental experience (their intuition Transcendentalism was made popular through the writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson , and Henry David Thoreau

It is in Nature that the Transcendentalists find their exploration of the religiosity of man ‘s own nature at its apex of learning or evolution as Thoreau writes in his personal journal about nature Free in this world as the birds in the air , disengaged from every kind of chains , those who have practiced the yoga gather in

So many years and ages of the gods those Eastern sages sat contemplating Brahm , uttering in silence the mystic “Om ” being absorbed into the essence of the Supreme Being , never going out of themselves , but subsiding farther and deeper within so infinitely wise yet infinitely stagnant until , at last , in that same Asia , but in the western part of it , appeared a youth [Jesus] , wholly unforetold by them ,-not being absorbed into Brahm , but bringing Brahm down to earth and to mankind in whom Brahm had awakened from his long sleep , and exerted himself , and the day began ,-a new avatar

The American scholar according to Emerson is best found in nature since it is with nature that man learns how the world works in the trees , and in the roots

Paper Topic: The Transcendentalist view of nature in Emerson and Thoreau

This is to have succeeded -Ralph Waldo Emerson Transcendentalism refers to a specific period in literature in New England in the mid 19th century

Thus , Transcendentalism , was in contrast to the Unitarian church , as Scott writes Christianity , on the other hand , is humane , practical , and , in a large sense , radical

Thus Emerson wrote about the disappointments found in the world and how a man may be able to handle himself by making conscious choices

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