What is the impact of Information Technology on society (positive or negative)?

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Before it came into usage Lyons Electronic Office (LEO ) came out and became the world ‘s first commercial computer After this , there was a rapid development in the information technology starting from 1969-today , with the continuous development in the features of the computers ARPANET is introduced in 1969 , which is funded by the defence First single chip processor was introduced by Intel and named as Intel 4004 in 1971 Graphical User Interface and Mouse are experimentally used by The Xerox Paulo Alto Research Center in 1973 The first electronic spread sheet program was used in 1979 In 1981 , IBM introduced first personal computer with operating system developed by Microsoft Types of Information Technologies There are several information technologies that provide different services to the user depending on the need and necessity

This is because electronic communication technology is implicated Today , IT professionals have numerous responsibilities to perform such as data management , data base and software design , networking engineering computer hardware , database , and software design , above all they have to manage along with the administrative activities of entire system The history of the Information Technology has been divided into four periods Pre Mechanical (3000BC-1450AD Mechanical (1450AD-1840AD Electro Mechanical (1840AD-1970AD Electronic (1970AD-Today These periods are categorized with successful breakthroughs

Some of the important types of the information technologies are data management networking , engineering , computer hardware , database software design management and administration Data Management Data management is the system that considers and manages the data as valuable resource

According to information technology association of America (ITAA , information technology is defined as the study , design , development implementation , support or management of computer- based information systems , particularly software applications and computer hardware ‘ Now technical people would like to call it as Information and Communication Technology

This is the official data management definition provided by DAMA There are several s in the data management like analysis of the given data , building the models and architectures depending on the needs , properly organizing the data provided , movement and mining of the data , data ware housing and administration

Information technology is a modern computer based technology Information technology is used not to only to create information , also to store , manipulate and for distribution too

Data resource management is the development and execution of the architectures , policies , practices and procedures that manages the full data lifecycle requirements of an organization

Information technology Science and technology has driven the world with quicker pace than expected due the improvement in computers

The general purpose computer was developed in the name of UNIVAC (Universal Automatic Computer ) in 1940

The first economical computer was introduced in the year 1946 which is called Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIC

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