Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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They are usually identified by K , or Kochel , numbers In his instrumental works Mozart brought Classical form to perfection A piano virtuoso , he composed many works for his own performance

His chamber music includes the so-called Haydn ‘ and Prussian string quartets Mozart was the foremost opera composer of his days

He also wrote many string quartets and piano sonatas Of Mozart ‘s more than 40 symphonies , the six written in his last 10 years are the most popular

Other instrumental works include divertimenti , serenades including Eine Kleine Nachtmusik , and dance music

He often expressed deep and passionate feeling Mozart composed more than 600 works but did not use opus numbers

He was the first great master of the concerto , composing more than 25 piano concertos including those in D minor and A major

His Music Mozart was not an innovator or reformer

Paper Topic: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart br Libretto in Italian , based on the story of the legendary lover Don Juan was written by Lorenzo da Ponte

His comic and grand operas both are marked by sharp musical characterization and dramatic intensity References Einstein , Alfred

Mozart : His Character , His

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