Work Place Stress

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This attempts to define , describe and explain the nature of stress , factors that contribute to the development of stress in an individual , and in particular what job stress or stress in the workplace can do to an individual

Because stress is so physically damaging and pervasive in people ‘s lives and because it is primarily psychological in nature the discipline of psychology as a whole and especially the specialty area of health psychology is interested in studying and treating stress and other psychosomatic diss (Chang et al , 2006 The second reason for the growing awareness of the importance of stress at work is practical

Paper Topic: Work Place Stress Workplace Stress Name Instructor University Date Introduction Stress is a psychological factor and a common feature of almost every kind of work

What has personality trait or individual differences do with the development of stress as well as how do people cope with stress when the source is the place of work

But it is important to note that it was only in the mid-70s that industrial psychologists focused their attention on the importance of stress in the workplace Significance of the study Two reasons are suggested why there was a growing recognition of the importance of stress on the job

Stress has been known to reduce drastically employee motivation and the physical ability to perform the task well thus , increasing absenteeism , turnover , and tardiness (Cahill , 2003 Chang et al , 2006 Williams , 2003 Statement of the Problem What is stress at work and how is this demonstrated in a particular individual worker

In addition , this also seeks to look into the interventions that have been instituted and are applicable to workers and various organizational settings Discussion The Nature of Stress Inside the body , dramatic physiological changes take place under stress

In prolonged stress , the body may suffer physiological damage and the person may become ill (Landy , 1985 A

But if a person remains in that state of supercharged energy for too long , the body ‘s reservoir of energy will dissipate

The increased circulation of the blood brings additional energy to the brain and muscles , making us more alert and stronger sp that we can cope with the sudden emergency (Landy 1985 A stressful situation mobilizes and directs one ‘s energy beyond its normal level

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